Pc Components And Their Uses

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A PC consists of many components that make up the computer hardware .The Operating System and other software applications are installed upon this hardware to enable the user to perform functions that he or she desires to perform. A typical PC contains hardware components like the motherboard, removable media devices, power supply, sound card, secondary storage devices and input and output devices. The motherboard consists of the RAM (random access memory), the CPU or central processing unit, internal buses, external bus controllers and the chip set. The motherboard is the main component of a PC and without it none of the other components of a PC will work.

If you are a general PC user you will most likely be using it to browse the internet, listening to music, emailing people or even playing PC games. Generally there are three price ranges for desktop computers low, medium and high range computers. Higher range computers you will get all of the newest technology and top speed components such as the newest processor and a top video card with extra software bundles. Most users will probably want to settle for a mid range or low range budget desktop computer if you are a novice PC user who only needs a computer for general usage.

The motherboard is a rectangle board which constitutes the most important part of a computer. Its main function is to connect the other components of a PC like RAM, CPU, disk drives etc with each other through expansion slots or ports. The CPU performs most of the functions of a computer including arithmetic calculation and is also referred to as the brain of the computer. The RAM stores all the current running of the Operating System and applications .The chip set acts as a mediator between the components of the PC and the CPU. The internal buses consist of the SATA, PCI, ATA, ISA, VLB, AGP, the PCI express and the north bridge. It helps in connecting the central processing unit to the expansion cards and internal components of the PC. All these PC components together make the working of a computer possible by a user.
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Pc Components And Their Uses

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This article was published on 2010/12/08